The Truth Behind The Curtain

What happens behind the curtain in Open Source? What do they really think?
(7 minutes, 14 seconds, updated and improved version!)

There's a silly amount of insider jokes in this movie. Actually, it's all odd insider jokes, so we wrote a guide to the jokes.

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   %credits = (
     Director => "Ask",
     Screenplay => "Adam",
     Producer => "Robert",

     BestBoy => "Graham",
     EquipmentRental => "Piers",
     Research => "Lisa",
     Catering => "Joshua",

     ExecProducer => "Nathan",

   $SpecialThanks = <<EOF;
     O'Reilly & Associates,
     City of Portland,
     Portland Marriott Downtown,
     The Guy in the Second Row,
     Steve Jobs, 
     Avie Tevanian,
     Phillip's Firewire Cable, 
     802.11 WG,
     Deschutes Brewery, 
     Full Sail Ales.

   $ExtraSpecialThanks = qw(Viridiana);

   %Music = (
     Artist => 'Future 3',
     Tracks => [
       "3 Clayder Men",
       "The Boy From West Bronx"

   Any resemblance (actual or implied) to real people or places is not intended.
   Babies Born During Production:
        Mirabai Dornfest

   No coffee mugs were harmed during the production of this film.

   © mmiii curly braces productions